The Solo Gimbal enables you to get perfect, stable shots automatically. It also provides you with GoPro® control & charging and a long-range HD video feed.


Our 3-axis gimbal ensures solid GoPro performance. Capture smooth and fluid HD footage every flight, stabilized to within 0.1 degrees of pointing accuracy.



We worked directly with GoPro so that the Solo Gimbal would be the first in the world with in-flight access to GoPro controls. Now you can start and stop recording while you fly so you can pick and choose the shots you want. This reduces unwanted footage for a “fat-free” editing experience, and the smaller file size lets you save these short clips directly to your phone for easy storing and sharing. The Solo Gimbal even powers your GoPro so the battery won’t die midflight.



The Solo Gimbal is designed to work intelligently with the GoPro and the controller. The combination gives you fine-grain camera tilt control, including angle presets and instant speed adjustment—or just hit ‘play’ on the mobile app and let Smart Shots fully control the gimbal for an automatic perfect shot.

The Solo Gimbal works with the onboard computer to automatically execute precise and sophisticated Smart Shots, taking your aerial photography to the next level.


Automatically move and pan between two set frames—just press ‘play’ and let Solo get the perfect shot.


Lock your GoPro on an object for an iconic wraparound shot.


Keep the camera on you as you move.


As the scenery expands, the 3-axis gimbal keeps you center stage.